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IMF Bentham to acquire Omni Bridgeway

IMF Bentham is expanding with the acquisition of an established litigation funder in Europe.

The Australia-headquartered global litigation and dispute financier said this morning that it is acquiring Omni Bridgeway Holding BV for at least at least €55m or about $89m and up to €87.5m or about $141m, contingent on certain performance goals being met. The upfront cash consideration of €35m or about $57m will be funded by IMF Bentham’s recently announced entitlement offer and institutional placement, which seeks to raise about $139m.

The combined company will have more than $2.2bn in capital to fund disputes and enforcement proceedings around the world. It will also have 145 professionals working out of 18 offices across 10 countries in Australia, Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The acquisition will add Omni Bridgeway offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, Geneva, and Dubai to the IMF Bentham network. In fiscal 2018, Omni Bridgeway’s capitalised investments in claims portfolio was valued at €34m or about $55m and its claims value under management was valued at more than €2.5bn or about $4bn. …

The combined group will take on one global name in the next year in a rebrand that’s currently in the works, IMF Bentham told Australasian Lawyer.

IMF Bentham first started funding disputes in Australia in the 1990s. Omni Bridgeway was founded in the Netherlands in 1986. The acquisition includes Omni Bridgeway’s German litigation funder ROLAND ProzessFinanz and its joint venture with the World Bank’s IFC. The IFC joint venture includes a dedicated fund and Dubai-based expertise centre focused on helping banks in matters across the Middle Eastern and African regions. …”

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Leading dispute financiers IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway complete merger transaction

“Leading dispute resolution financier IMF Bentham Limited (IMF Bentham) announces that it has completed the merger with Omni Bridgeway Holdings BV (Omni Bridgeway) previously announced on October 15, 2019.

The combined IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway business accelerates IMF’s growth and creates a major diversified global litigation funding platform across common law and civil law jurisdictions in developed and emerging markets. The largest funding team in the world now offers end-to-end solutions for clients from pre-judgment merits funding to post-judgment enforcement and recovery.”

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Frontal 21 berichtet über die Musterfest-
stellungsklage gegen VW. Dr. Arndt Eversberg wird wie folgt zitiert:

“… “Wenn ein Urteil erst zehn Jahre nach Kaufdatum des manipulierten Autos fällt, dann verringert sich der Schadensersatz für den geprellten Dieselkunden auf unter 40 Prozent des Neuwerts.” Nach Berechnungen des Kölner Prozessfinanzierers spart Volkswagen mit jedem Tag der Verzögerung 1,9 Millionen Euro. Schon heute warnen deshalb Verbraucheranwälte, die von “Frontal 21″ befragt wurden: Volkswagen dürfe jetzt nicht für Verzögerungstaktik belohnt werden. …”

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