Reach an Agreement in 5 Steps

Litigation funding: Sequence of events

Getting a promising case

A lawyer has assessed a claim’s chances of being successfully asserted as being positive. Additionally, the amount in dispute is higher than EUR 100,000. Now the goal is to get a powerful ally on board that is willing to lend a hand when it comes to professionally enforcing financial claims.


Getting in touch

The lawyer contacts Omni Bridgeway AG and provides substantive documentation for us to evaluate. At this point we do not require a completed draft of the complaint; such draft would, however, speed up and facilitate our evaluation of the claim. In any case, the lawyer should have already evaluated the matter and should be able to provide us with a summary of the facts and circumstances as well as his legal analysis in writing.


Getting feedback

Typically, we provide you with feedback to written inquires within 48 hours and let you know whether the case in general is suitable for funding. As a matter of principle, we will contact the lawyer and provide the feedback to him since all communication will be going through the lawyer during the funding process.


Getting an assessment

We will then evaluate your case in detail – quickly, at no charge, and without any red tape. Please be advised that we cannot provide legal counsel. After having comprehensively evaluated the inquiry as to litigation funding, we will inform the lawyer and you and will discuss all further matters personally.


Getting an agreement

If our evaluation leads us to share the lawyer’s opinion that the chances of prevailing on the claim in court are good, we will conclude an agreement as to litigation funding with you. The lawyer will remain your sole legal counsel and representative also after you sign this agreement.

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