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What is litigation funding?

Litigation funding gives those claimants who lack the necessary financial means for bringing an action to court, and those who lack legal insurance or access to legal aid, a chance at a fair trial by assuming all costs of the legal proceedings.
It also offers risk-averse claimants an opportunity to assert their legitimate rights. Having Omni Bridgeway AG provide the funds for your litigation will not only ease the strain on your liquidity but also on your nerves. The reason is simple: Only where the suit is successful will we receive a fair share in the proceeds.

Which costs will we bear?

  • Lawyers’ fees (those of your own lawyer and those of the opponent’s lawyer)
  • Court costs
  • Costs incurred for witnesses and experts
  • Costs incurred for expert opinions commissioned by the claimant
  • Costs of security to be provided
  • Costs incurred for compulsory enforcement

What costs does litigation funding entail?

Only where a suit is successful, or a settlement is reached, will we receive a share in the proceeds: After having been reimbursed for all costs that we have borne, we will determine a fair share of the proceeds as contractually agreed. Where a suit results in a loss, we will assume all costs and expenses – which means you will not have to bear any financial risk at all.

Our share in the proceeds will be agreed on a case-by-case basis and depends upon a number of legal and economic circumstances. As a general rule, it will be at least 20 percent of the realized proceeds.

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