Benefits & Prerequisites

International know-how and powerful allies


Having Omni Bridgeway AG provide litigation funding benefits all parties involved in a number of ways; having us on your team as a powerful ally means you are ideally equipped for everything the opponent might throw at you. The reason: Omni Bridgeway AG provides support not only financially, but also by putting to use its experience in litigation, gained over decades, as well as by providing its own expert opinions and its own attorneys’ expertise.

How you as an individual will benefit

  • You do not have to invest your personal assets into court proceedings.
  • In the case of a loss, you do not bear any costs at all. We assume even the opponent’s costs; this means all financial risk remains with us.
  • You receive an independent second assessment by experienced specialized lawyers.
  • Your legal team during the proceedings grows in strength: We will be by your side and that of your lawyer every step of the way.
  • You create a level playing field even with seemingly overpowering opponents. We guarantee support for you also in case of long and arduous proceedings.

How you as a lawyer will benefit

  • Our evaluation of an inquiry as to litigation funding is free of charge; it will be provided within a very short timeframe and by the experienced lawyers of Omni Bridgeway.
  • Litigation funding will enable you to follow through on cases that would not be pursued otherwise.
  • You are able to focus entirely on litigating the case. We provide the financial means necessary for you to assert the claim in the best way possible – if required, by having external experts and specialists consult.
  • From beginning to end, our lawyers look after the proceedings and are ready to support you and your client with their know-how and experience.
  • We transfer your fee pursuant to the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG, German Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys) directly to you. As an alternative, we can compensate you on the basis of an individual fee agreement.
  • Provided your client consents, we offer you the opportunity to invoice one additional fee amount (1.0) pursuant to the Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys (RVG).

How you as a businessperson will benefit

  • Your legal team during the proceedings grows in strength: We will be by your side and that of your lawyer every step of the way, thus enabling you to focus entirely on managing your day-to-day business.
  • You do not tie up your company’s liquid assets in court proceedings.
  • Your balance sheet will not be negatively affected because there is no need to create reserves for potential litigation costs.
  • You protect your business from unexpected financial loss because any and all financial risk remains with us.

How you as an insolvency administrator will benefit

  • You can outsource the legal assessment of civil claims without incurring any additional costs.
  • The insolvency estate can realize promising claims without having to bear the associated financial risk.
  • It can be nothing but beneficial to the estate since the funding is provided in return for a share in the proceeds.
  • Should the need for short-term liquidity arise, we offer the possibility to sell the claim. The respective amount will be disbursed before the complaint is filed and will remain with the estate – irrespective of the result of the proceedings .

How you as a broker will benefit

  • You are able to offer your customer a funding solution also for cases that are not covered by legal insurance.
  • Where a case is taken on and funding is provided, you as a broker will receive an initial commission relative to the amount in dispute. When said case is closed successfully, you will further receive a contingency fee.


Omni Bridgeway AG will fund all claims that involve monetary payments or claims on other recoverable assets (e.g. real estate) as well as statutory claims. For the possibility of obtaining litigation funding to be given, the following basic prerequisites must be met:


  • A claim for payment exists that concerns an amount in dispute of at least EUR 100,000.
  • The opponent is sufficiently solvent, i.e. able to pay the claim in case of a win.
  • The lawyer retained for the mandate has reviewed the case and has assessed its chances of being successfully asserted before the courts as outweighing those of a loss.
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