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In addition to the areas of the law listed on our website, we also provide funding for suitable claims under general civil and commercial law.

Whether it be incorrect or erroneous advice in the context of brokering capital investments, the conclusion of a sale and purchase agreement, a commercial agent’s claim to compensation or the safeguarding of claims under insurance policies – as long as the action meets the basic requirements for litigation funding, we would be happy to learn more about it. In a best-case scenario, we will offer to sign an agreement as to litigation funding after having reviewed the matter.

Claims from the following areas of the law, in particular, are well suited for litigation funding:

In Hungary, a non-domestic corporation and a German enterprise conclude an agreement as to a joint venture. After just one year has passed, the joint venture fails due to irreconcilable differences of opinion on strategy. The German enterprise files suit and asserts its claim to compensation of damages against the partner in the joint venture. Because of the million-euro amount that is being claimed as compensation of damages, Omni Bridgeway AG provides funding for the German client’s litigation; together with the lawyers retained by the client, Omni Bridgeway effects a comprehensive settlement that also encompasses several parallel proceedings pending abroad.

A well-known automotive brand terminates the business relationship with one of its commercial agents, properly observing the contractually-agreed notice period. Said agent contacts a lawyer since the compensation determined by the manufacturer seems to him to be too low. The lawyer determines that the agent is entitled to significantly higher compensation and advises the agent to file suit. Omni Bridgeway AG provides the funding for the action, meaning the commercial agent can pursue this matter in court without incurring any financial risk.

Photographer M. takes several pictures on behalf of an enterprise; she agrees to the enterprise being entitled to use the photographs. After a few years have passed, Ms. M. realizes that the enterprise uses the photographs to a much broader extent than has been contractually agreed. After negotiations for a retroactive licensing of the photographs prove unsuccessful, Omni Bridgeway AG provides funding for the complaint brought by Ms. M. against the enterprise for infringing her copyright.

A plastics-processing operation was commissioned to manufacture plastic covers for another enterprise. The framework agreement concluded in this context provided for a contractual term of 24 months and for the quantities to be purchased. In both years, however, the opposite side failed to purchase the quantities that had been agreed. In the context of the proceedings for which Omni Bridgeway AG provides funding, compensation of damages was claimed for failure to fulfill contractual obligations. The proceedings were brought to a close by a settlement pursuant to which the opposite side was to pay a significant amount of money.

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