Banking and capital markets law

File a suit without financial risk


Capital investments do not always generate healthy returns. Where investors have been advised incorrectly, the money invested that they had laboriously saved up may even be lost.

As the injured parties often are unable or unwilling to finance proceedings before the courts, only few of them ever attempt to recover their losses by taking the matter to court.

By assuming the entirety of the costs, litigation funding offers the clients the opportunity to litigate the matter in order to recover their losses.

In the field of banking and capital markets law, it is possible to receive funding for the assertion of the following claim, among others:

In order to provide for old age, two husband-and-wife entrepreneurs decide to invest in closed real-estate and shipping funds because of the consultation provided in this matter by their principal bank. The funds, however, turn out to crash and burn, resulting in significant gaps in the couple’s provision for old age. The couple heared from their lawyer that bank was receiving significant kickbacks from the respective investment funds for selling these funds. Omni Bridgeway AG assumes the costs of reclaiming the capital contribution before a court; as a result, Omni Bridgeway secures the couple’s income during retirement.

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