Antitrust and competition law

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Our trading system is based on fair competition. But not all of the trade partners involved follow this maxim all of the time. Infringements of competition law can cause high expenses for all involved, both enterprises and consumers.

The claims to compensation of damages that result from infringements of competition law can be complex, as the amount of money and time spent on establishing how much financial damage has been done is usually quite significant, the associated proceedings are rather costly, as well. This is especially true for antitrust proceedings.

In the case of complaints regarding cartel damages, the associated costs of a trial can easily overburden the parties alleging damages by the cartel; this is because the amounts in dispute are usually very high, often in the millions of Euros. Establishing the damages done by the cartel usually requires the preparation of an expert opinion regarding competition economics; the costs for such an opinion tend to run into the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Euros. In the proceedings before a court, the associated financial risk is unpredictable most of the time because of the risk of third-party notices being served upon all cartel participants; more often than not it becomes necessary for the court to commission another economic expert opinion in order to verify the amount of damages done. In reality, these financial obstacles tend to prevent the assertion of claims to compensation of damages in many cases. It is every prudent and respectable business manager’s professional obligation, however, to evaluate and, as the case may be, assert cartel damages claims.

In the field of cartel law, we collaborate with renowned competition economists and lawyers experienced in asserting cartel damages claims; should you so desire, we would be happy to provide you with recommendations in this regard.

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