Dr. Arndt Eversberg

Congratulations, Mr. Litigation Funding

For 20 years now Dr. Arndt Eversberg has been holding management positions in litigation-funding enterprises. He has shaped this still-young field in Germany like no other. The 57-year-old’s team has recently become part of the world’s biggest litigation funder. It was Eversberg himself who in 2017 laid the foundation for this development when he guided the sale of ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG to the Dutch holding Omni Bridgeway, thus creating Europe’s leading litigation funder. Finally, in October of last year, Omni Bridgeway merged with the Australia-based litigation funder IMF Bentham, making it the world’s number one in litigation funding.

For Eversberg, a passionate amateur photographer, the move down under may have been akin to the golden cut: In order to take the perfect shot, the photographer has to be in the right place at the right time. Eversberg also showed nearly impeccable timing on his personal career path. In 2000, he opened an office in Munich for FORIS, the German market pioneer. Two and a half years later he joined the litigation funding subsidiary of Allianz as a managing director. Since 2012, the active sportsman Eversberg has lived in Cologne, holding the position of Managing Director at Omni Bridgeway AG (former ROLAND ProzessFinanz).

“Litigation funding is a challenging business,” emphasizes Eversberg. According to him, it is a litigation funder’s duty to choose the right cases. “What comes after is the reward: successfully closing the cases, together with the clients and their attorneys.” On average, Eversberg and his team succeed in eight out of ten cases. He also brings his experience as a litigation funder to legal publications such as Internationale Kaufverträge optimal gestalten (“Optimal construction of international sale-and-purchase agreements”), published by Gabler. Eversberg contributed an essay on the development of litigation funding in Germany to the publication “Getting the Deal Through”, which was published by the renowned publisher Law Business Research Ltd.


Greetings for the jubilarian

Ing. Petr Novosad, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Czech Republic

Arndt ist one of the best guy I ever met, one of my closest friends and successful man! I wish to Arndt all the best for the future and a lot of successful years – not only in litigation funding! His life energy and optimism is admirable! It´s really great! I am very glad to know him.

Cheers from Czech Republic and all the best,

Petr Novosad

James Pinnells, Pinnells Consulting International

Arndt Eversberg and I go back a long way. Almost twenty years ago, we wrote a book together which has survived several editions and is still in print. That meant agreeing on most things and burying the hatchet when we couldn’t find the right words. That is a good formula for an ongoing friendship. It’s a terrific feeling when friends reach a landmark that signals deserved success and the triumph of skill and perseverance.

Are you ready for another 20, Dr. Eversberg?

Rainer Klassen, Spanish Legal Reclaims

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

My heartfelt congratulations on your anniversary; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and support. Cooperating with you and your company made all the difference for us in Spain. All I can do is echo the invariably positive personal and professional experiences the other congratulants had with you. I wish you continued success as well as joy and happiness in everything you do. I look forward to working with you again.

Warm wishes, Rainer Klassen

Markus Weins, FFI-Verlag

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

My goodness! Congratulations on 20 years of forging a path, persevering, and progressing. To cooperate with you means to be challenged and to be championed. It is demanding and a lot of fun at the same time. And once the goal is reached, exhaustion gives way to elation. Just like at the end of a marathon! I am looking forward to many more laps of cooperation with you. And stay just the way you are!

All the best!

Yours, Markus Weins

Dorothea Basler, consignum

A chance meeting during the Kölner Anwaltstag became a years-long and successful cooperation, accompanied by knowledgeable and enjoyable events with the ProfiL attorneys.

Many thanks and congratulations on 20 years of litigation funding!


Rainer Brune, ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

For 20 years now you have been shaping an entire industry – heartfelt congratulations on this anniversary. I thank you for a very successful seven years during which you, along with ROLAND ProzessFinanz, also shaped the fortunes of the ROLAND Group. I have always valued you as a genuine fighter for the cause and as a knowledgeable, loyal colleague. Beyond that, you are a man of diverse interests who is not merely about work, but who also always has an interesting story to tell – sophisticated in the best sense of the word. May you, dear Dr. Eversberg, continue to have the professional instinct for huge cases and to experience joy and happiness in the small things in life.

All the best!

Yours, Rainer Brune

Hans Weissberg

Dear Mr. Eversberg,

It was 20 years ago that I was able to work with you on the first Swiss case and to subsequently represent Allianz ProzessFinanz in Switzerland for several years. During this whole time, I was impressed by your competent, straightforward, and ever-friendly manner. You were always an interesting conversational partner both professionally and personally who set high standards not only when it comes to litigation funding, but across the board. I wish us many more years like this!

All the best

Hans Weissberg

Anna Oestreich, ad Sales & Services

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

Has it really been 20 years? How the time flies. Many congratulations on your work anniversary. It has always been my great pleasure to discuss with you the topics of our target audience. I wish you joy and happiness and only the best for the future.

Best, Anna Oestreich

Peter Finke, Passengers friend GmbH

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

I have gotten to know you as a conversational partner with a sympathetic ear and with a vision. Here’s to many healthy years! I am looking forward to our next conversation.
All the best on your professional anniversary!

Take care, Peter Finke

Daniel Messmer, Swiss Re Europe S.A.

Dear Dr. Eversberg!

Twenty years of litigation funding equal two decades of legal history. Which means: five Olympiads’ worth of involvement in national and international law, five Olympiads’ worth of separating the wheat from the chaff when selecting cases, and five Olympiads’ worth of fighting to establish litigation funding in Germany.

As a discussion partner and conversationalist you are a greatly appreciated, and not just regarding legal matters. Because of your biography, it is possible to discuss so many more topics with you than a legal dispute’s prospects of success. I wish you continued success in the new “Group” of one of the leading international litigation funders, as well as best of luck for the future!

And here’s to great cooperation in future Olympiads – after all, there’s still some time left on our work clock…

Kind regards, Daniel Messmer

Georg Melzer, KMO Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt

Dear Arndt,

Many happy wishes on 20 years in litigation funding! Through your work you have established a market in Germany that has closed a real gap on the – sometimes arduous – way to obtaining justice; it is only in this way that many clients are able to pursue their legitimate claims. You accompany them on their way with expertise, reliability, passion, humor, and plenty of energy – what an unbeatable combination! I wish you and your team continued success and look forward to continued cooperation!

Best wishes from colleague to colleague, Georg

Andreas Knaul, Rödl & Partner (Moscow)

Dear Arndt,

We have known each other since the early 90s, when we both worked in the Rhineland. While I initially worked in the Directorate-General for European Policy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, you were drawn to the private sector straight away, where you first worked in the legal department of a Korean electronics corporation.

We met through mutual lawyer friends in Bonn. We grew closer through our shared penchant for soldierly thought as well as sweat-filled squash matches.

This is when our paths diverged. While you relocated to southern Germany, I eventually arrived in Moscow, after spending some time in Paris and Berlin. Now and again we reconnected professionally when your cases brought you to the “Wild East.”

In the last years we find each other again whenever I come to stay in Cologne. Over Eisbein and Kölsch we recount our legal “war stories” to each other and are flummoxed that all of a sudden 20 and 30 years have passed. Through all of this time I always knew that you could be counted on, because that is what friends are for.

All the best,


Dr. Peter Ellefret, Dr. Ellefret & Dr. Schäfer Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB

Dear Arndt,

For more than 30 (!) years I have known you as a goal-driven person who is smart and constantly working to refine himself in all aspects. As a measured strategist of enviably bright insight you are able to be as enthusiastic yourself as you enthuse others with a project – which you then successfully complete. Throughout all this you never forget that life outside the office is worth living, too. So congratulations on 20 years of litigation funding, and here’s to 30 more years together!

I wish you only the best for the future,


Martin Lenz, former CEO of ROLAND ProzessFinanz AG

Dear Arndt,

Wow, does the time fly. We met when the industry was still in its infancy, and together we landed many a deal. I have always been impressed by your visionary and entrepreneurial mind, together with your exceptional degree of dedication towards the people in your vicinity, as well as by your integrity and dependability.

Thank you for this!


Stephan Johland, Heads by.Johland

Dear Arndt,

Although we originally met in a professional context through MARKENCAMP, it became clear very quickly that with you it is almost impossible to separate work from private life. You are one of the most pleasant and authentic people I know, and with you really any debate is a pleasure. Because of your great capacity for empathy you manage to always put the person opposite you at ease.

Thank you for all you have done so far. I am greatly looking forward to all that is to come. Professionally, in our network, and in our private lives.

Best wishes, Stephan

Karola Wollner, Allianz ProzessFinanz GmbH

Dear Arndt,

It seems unbelievable, but it’s true: We have known each other for 19 years now, and during all that time the topic of litigation funding in all its forms has been a constant. We’ve never been bored, though. That’s because the topic itself isn’t boring, but also because of you: one of THE leading experts in the field who has been involved in it practically from the very beginning, who ALWAYS keeps the big picture in mind, and who early on recognized the OPPORTUNITIES of international litigation funding. That is why it is my great pleasure to officially congratulate you on your professional anniversary.

Keep up the good work! Stay as open, curious, and interested in people and topics as you have been.

Best wishes from Karola

Mauritius Nagelmüller, OMNI BRIDGEWAY AG

Dear Arndt,

Huge congratulations on the occasion of your 20-year anniversary! I have had the pleasure of knowing you for most of this time, since we met on a traditional tall sailing ship about 15 years ago. During those years, I have had the opportunity to work for you and with you in different offices and across jurisdictions. I have to thank you for a lot of things, including my enthusiasm for dispute resolution finance.

Not only have you always supported me in my studies and throughout my career – we also conquered New York City, two of the seven seas, and the highways of the American South together.

You are not only my mentor, but also a close friend. Looking forward to the next twenty plus years – and to the next motorbike trip!

My best wishes, Mauritius

Wieger Wielinga, Omni Bridgeway

Dear Dr Eversberg,

Not only have we worked together now for many years, we have in my view in the last years grown into personal friends as well. I thoroughly enjoy the road shows we do together and the morning or evening runs through Germany’s beautiful city’s. I hope we will continue to do these in the coming years while we together grow our business. On the professional level, I have become truly impressed by your leadership capabilities, your knowledge and professionalism and last but not least your honesty and integrity, virtues I think that are truly important not just in business but in friendships as well. I am proud to be your colleague.

Best wishes, Wieger

Dina Komor, ROLAND ProzessFinanz

Dear Arndt,

maybe not for twenty, but at least for eight years now I have been able to work with you and I very much like being a Pro!
My warmest congratulations on your jubilee; I look forward to the exciting years ahead.

Without further words, Dina

Norbert Gierlich, MARKENCAMP e.V.

Dear Arndt,

for thirteen years our paths have been crossing time and again, and every time I am deeply impressed. You are an authentic executive, charming networker, true man-about-town, loving father. Basically: a real role model.

Thank you for many memorable moments and more than one great conversation. To twenty more!

Warmest wishes, Norbert

Voss, Heinz-Peter, ROLAND Rechtsschutz

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate you on your jubilee and thank you for our time together at ROLAND. In spite of the challenge that is data privacy, I have always very much enjoyed working with you.

Best wishes from the Allgäu

(where I moved at the beginning of 2020), also to all members of ROLAND ProzessFinanz.

Helmut Dahm-Dasbach, Roland Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG

Dear Dr. Eversberg,

Working with you during your time at ROLAND was always a pleasant experience. I wish you and your team the best as part of your “new family” and that you may be successful in your endeavors in the next twenty years.

Best wishes

Helmut Dahm-Dasbach

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